A6 Mobile Advertising

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

Many companies are under currently underspending on mobile advertising. Even though adults are spending ten percent of their daily media time on mobile devices, mobile ad spend only makes up one percent of total spend. This is likely to change, however, as both mobile search ad impressions and mobile ad spend have surged over 300 percent.[i]

In creating your Mobile Advertising Strategy, consider placing ads on search engines, mobile websites and in applications (in‑app) – both yours and/or other companies’ apps. A logical starting point for your mobile ad strategy would be to consider placing mobile search banner ads.

Mobile search volume is likely to surpass desktop search volume by 2016. Many companies are also generating returns on their in‑app ad spend which is poised to triple to $7B by 2015.[ii] The key to in‑app ad spending is ensuring that you are selecting apps that clearly reach your target audience.

Mobile Ad Objectives

A mobile ad strategy can potentially achieve a number of different objectives. Southwest Airlines launched a mobile ad campaign with the specific objective of building its opt‑in e‑mail list,[iii] whereas Dole’s objective was to build an online community.[iv] Fast food chain Subway ran a mobile ad campaign to “promote its Fiery FOOTLONG™ subs and to build up its consumer database.”[v]

Lipton decided to place audio ads on the musical app called Spotify to drive YouTube video views featuring musical group Lady Antebellum.[vi] Taco Bell focuses its banner ad strategy on driving in‑store traffic to its restaurants for new product launches. Taco Bell’s banner ads raise awareness of the new product and the store locator feature helps customers find their nearest restaurant.[vii]

Energy drink maker Red Bull focused its mobile ad objectives on driving attendance to its real‑world extreme sporting events. For one event, it successfully reached its target market of young males in Quebec, generating four million ad impressions and ten percent of event registrations via a mobile ad campaign. More than a quarter of the attendees also engaged with the app during the live event and over ten percent agreed to continue communications with Red Bull after the event, providing further branding opportunities.[viii]

A mobile banner ad can even be created to add an event to a customer’s calendar, and alerts can then be used to remind the customer of the event. These examples demonstrate that there is a wide range of potential objectives that could be achieved with a mobile banner ad strategy. Selecting the most effective strategy will be determined by your business objectives and the nature of your offerings, industry and target market.

Mobile Ad Target Market Reach

When Clinique wanted to promote its line of lip balms, they ran mobile ads on Glamour magazine’s mobile site to reach its target market of young, trendy women. The ads pointed people directly to a landing page for that product where an order could be placed. To encourage shoppers to click on the ads and place an order, they offered free shipping on orders over $50.[ix]

Targeted banner ads can also be placed on social media sites. CM Photographics generated nearly $40,000 in revenue directly from a mere $600 advertising investment on Facebook. Facebook ads allowed CM Photographic to target their exact demographic, 24 to 30-year-old women about to get married.

They identified prospects by targeting Facebook users with their relationship status set to engaged. Almost 60 percent of the users directed to CM Photographics’ website from the Facebook ads became qualified leads and expressed interest in more information.

Mobile Ad Smartphone Sensor Integration

Banner ads are even more powerful when they exploit the instrumentation and sensor input capabilities built into most smartphones. For example, location-aware ads (e.g., using GPS, Wi‑Fi, etc.) can present local information that is immediately relevant.

Beer maker Blue Moon created a location-based mobile ad campaign to encourage purchasers of movie tickets to consider going to a nearby bar or restaurant before or after the movie. Since Blue Moon does not sell beer online, it makes sense for them to drive traffic to locations that sell Blue Moon beer.[x] The ads became more effective because they were location-aware.

You can actually target your banner ads to people at the exact latitude and longitude that you are trying to reach. You can target ads to specific people that only use a certain type of smartphone. You can target surfers in one country that are specifically searching for content in another country. For example, a large Canadian bank is targeting consumers located in the U.S. that are searching for Canadian content. They are doing this to reach Canadian snowbirds (i.e., Canadians that spend a good portion of their time visiting the U.S.)

Click-to-Call Ads

Fifty-seven percent of mobile searches generate a phone call compared to only seven percent for desktop searches. Therefore an interesting strategy to consider for mobile ads is creating click-to-call ads. This can be a powerful approach for generating results from your mobile ad strategy.[xi] Consumers are surprisingly old-fashioned when it comes to products that interest them; they are happy to simply place a call to talk to someone.

Furthermore, with the phone number imbedded in the ad, customers can simply tap to call. This is especially valuable for products and services that are more likely to sell if there is someone available to answer the customer’s questions. This could include simple questions such as “Are you open?” “Is the product in stock?” “Does the product do this?” and “What are the dimensions of the product?”

HSBC created videos of its emerging market economists and then used click-to-call to enable customers to immediately connect with these experts. Analytics were then used to track the demographics of users that were most responsive to these ads.[xii]

Google now has a Pay-per-Call mobile advertising option where you only pay for ads that generate a phone call to your company.[xiii] Since users of this option are often in transit and about to make a purchase decision, it can potentially result in a higher close rate and therefore a higher campaign ROI.

QR GOOGLE ADSWatch the Video: Click-to-Call Ads – Google: Google contends that mobile click-to-call ads with phone numbers can result in a six to eight percent increase in mobile click-through rates.[xiv] <goo.gl/xgRw8> (Duration: one minute)

Call‑Me Ads

To eliminate the frustration of being put on hold or the need to go through multiple phone menus, another practical option is the call‑me ad. In this instance the customer simply submits their phone number and a company representative will then call them back in a few seconds or few minutes. Small businesses identify phone calls as the most valuable type of lead. Companies are currently averaging 35 calls per month from mobile devices, but this is poised to jump to 80 by next year.[xv]

Pick‑up‑to‑Call Ads

The built‑in sensor capabilities of a handful of new smartphones may open up even more interesting advertising options in the future. The latest Samsung phone has an interesting feature; if someone gets a text message from a friend, all they have to do is lift the phone to their ear and it’s smart enough to automatically look up the phone number and dial it. Now imagine a pick-up-to-call ad in the future – a prospect sees your mobile ad or text message and simply lifts the phone to their ear to automatically call you.

Mobile Ad Timing

Also consider the timing of your ads for maximum impact. Your ads may achieve better success if they target certain hours, days or months of the year. For example, Disney tends to run a high proportion of cruise ads in the middle of winter to try to achieve the best response rate and branding impact.[xvi]

Mobile Ad Step-by-Step Guidance

  1. Identify your target market.
  2. Determine the best channel for reaching your target market.
  3. Set your campaign objectives.
  4. Determine the type of ad to use (e.g., click-to-call ad).
  5. Determine if you can exploit built‑in smartphone features to enhance the effectiveness of your ad.
  6. Determine the best timing for your ads.
  7. Create your ads.
  8. Launch your ads using A‑B testing to determine which ads are most effective.[xvii]
  9. Track the results.
  10. Adjust your strategy based on what is working and not working.

Mobile Ad Best Practices[xviii]

  •       Be entertaining.
  •       Create a clear call to action.
  •       Turn your ad into a live response platform.[xix]
  •       Place mobile ads where your target market is likely to see it.
  •       Integrate social media in your ads (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).[xx]
  •       Get permission from people to use their location information.
  •       Use location-based ads to drive foot traffic to your nearest location.
  •       Don’t overstep the privacy bounds with your customers and prospects.
  •       Offer incentives to encourage action (e.g., discount coupon, contest with prizes, etc.).
  •       Consider your mobile ad campaigns as part of a complete 360‑degree marketing strategy using multiple marketing channels.
  •       Decide on clear objectives for your mobile ad campaign: drive in‑store traffic, build an opt‑in database, generate app downloads, drive event registrations, build a community, drive brand awareness, drive sales, etc.
  •       Target niche or micro-niche segments with customized content for specific target groups by age, gender, demographics, psychographics, etc.
  •       Create video ads – a recent survey of a social entertainment site found that videos were most likely to spur engagement.[xxi] (See Section A10 in this chapter for more detailed mobile video ad strategies.)
  •       Create ads that incorporate games.[xxii] (Gamification marketing is covered in detail in section B8 of Chapter Ten.)
  •       Use mobile ad networks[xxiii] to effectively target specific demographic segments (e.g., AdMob Network from Google,[xxiv] Spotify, Pandora, social entertainment site airG).[xxv]
  •       Consider advertising directly on commerce sites such as Amazon.com where consumers are ready to buy.[xxvi]
  •       Before placing intrusive ads in places not requested by users, place them where users are requesting information complementary to your offering (e.g., mobile search ads).
  •       Be careful not to cause too much of an annoyance or distraction for consumers (e.g., from people playing games or repeating the same ad in succession).
  •       Link to a mobile-optimized site.
  •       Link directly to the product or service that users are expecting, not just a general page with all your offerings.
  •       Consider the timing of your ads to achieve maximum impact: time of day, week, month and year (e.g., season, graduation season, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).
  •       Engage consumers by enabling them to share content with others (e.g., photos, videos, comments, etc.).
  •       Use Google’s AdWord Keyword Tool to determine what phrases people are actually searching on related to your offering.[xxvii]
  •       Build an analytics infrastructure that can track the clicks, calls, leads and sales generated from each ad or channel.[xxviii]

AD OVERVIEWWatch the Video: Mobile Banner Ad Overview: General overview of the pros and cons of mobile banner ads.[xxix] <goo.gl/pOB2A> (Duration: two minutes)

AD BEST PRATICESWatch the Video: Mobile Banner Ad Best Practices: Brief highlights of mobile banner ad best practices.[xxx] <goo.gl/y0wzG> (Duration: one minute)

Challenge Questions

Mobile Ad Strategies: Can you apply a banner ad strategy to meet your business objectives? For your product category, is it important to generate phone calls? What are your priority objectives? How can you reach your target market? Can you exploit built‑in smartphone sensors to make your ads even more compelling?

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A7 Augmented Reality Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

A Primer on QR Codes

One form of augmented reality marketing uses QR codes. Let’s begin with a primer on QR Codes.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are Quick Response codes that can be scanned and interpreted by smartphones or feature phones. Once the QR code is deciphered, it can automatically perform a wide range of functions such as play a video, generate a text message or link to a website.


Figure 33: QR Code Scanning

Placing a QR code on any electronic or print medium for scanning on a smartphone can open up a world of possibilities for consumers and marketers.

QR MARKET INTROWatch the Video: QR Code Marketing Introduction: A very basic introduction to QR code marketing.[i] <goo.gl/Hk8X2> (Duration: two minutes)

QR INTRO AND TIPSWatch the Video: QR Code Marketing Introduction and Tips: Introduction to QR codes, how to create them and how to use them including basic usage dos and don’ts tips.[ii] <goo.gl/aq2XJ> (Duration: six minutes)

How are QR codes different than UPC codes?

1D UPC1D UPC Barcodes (Universal Product Codes)[iii]

1D1D Designer UPC Barcodes

2D QR2D QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)2D2D Designer QR Codes

Figure 34: UPC Barcodes and QR Codes

Mobile barcode scanning works with a number of different types of two-dimensional (2D) codes such as QR codes and one-dimensional (1D) codes such as UPC barcodes. 2D codes are capable of storing much more data than 1D codes.

What are the demographics of QR code users?

QR codes are very popular in Asia and Europe, and getting more popular in the Americas where total scans are growing exponentially – up over 600 percent.[iv] It’s no wonder that companies are learning how to capitalize on this phenomenon.

QR code marketing can help you reach a target market that is intensely sought after – high income earners. Over one‑third of those that have scanned QR codes have income over $100,000 and 55 percent have income over $75,000.[v] QR code users are predominantly male (60 percent) and most are 25 to 34 years old (37 percent) or 35 to 44 years old (20 percent).[vi]

Where do people typically scan QR codes?

QR code scanning typically occurs in a retail store, grocery store or at home. People usually scan QR codes in magazines, newspapers or on product packaging.[vii] A good time to consider reaching people with QR codes would be when they are waiting for something or in a lineup (e.g., retail store, airport, bank or doctor’s office).

What can you do with QR codes?

What you can do with QR codes is only limited by your imagination; you can do just about anything you can do on a smartphone. A QR code can link to a request form or a registration page, link to a poll or petition, connect to a map and directions to the nearest store, send a PayPal Buy Now link, send a text message, send an e‑mail, add an event to someone’s calendar, send a link to any website to view text, listen to an audio recording, see a photo gallery on Flickr, watch a video on YouTube, update an inventory database to indicate the movement of a product in your supply chain, or download an app. It can even automatically place a phone call to somebody such as a salesperson to take your order.

QR codes on items in your store window could actually enable someone to order your product even when your store is closed. A QR code found on a coaster in a bar could be used by a beer company to show you a funny video to entice you to buy their beer. A restaurant could place QR codes on placemats or coasters to show you photos or videos to get you to try a specialty drink or dessert.

QR Code Usage Tactical Tips

There are several potential applications and use cases for QR codes.

  •         Credit instant loyalty points to your account.
  •         Download an instant virtual discount coupon.
  •         Automatically send a Facebook like for that product.
  •         Create and send a pre-completed e‑mail or tweet on Twitter.
  •         Scan contact data directly into the smartphone address book.
  •         Distribute free digital assets (e.g., mobile apps, e‑books, ring tones, etc.).
  •         Link to anything on the web such as:
  1. A video
  2. Twitter page
  3. Corporate website
  4. How to instruction video (e.g., product installation video)
  5. Employee’s web page (e.g., an insurance sales rep’s web page)
  6. Employee support video (e.g., fan belt replacement servicing instructions), and
  7. Detailed product specifications (e.g., in Japan, QR codes grocery items contain info about when and where the product was grown, as well as best before expiry dates).

Where can I place QR codes?


  Real Estate Signs[ix]







TV Ads[xiv]

Magazine Ads[xv]


Newspaper Ads[xvi]





Business Cards[xxi]





Magazine Covers[xxv]




Figure 35: QR Code Placements

You can place QR codes just about anywhere – the options are endless.

QR Code Placement Tactical Tips

There are several other potential QR code locations such as:

  •    Luggage
  •    Price lists
  •    TV shows
  •    Billboards
  •    Catalogues
  •    Exterior of a jet
  •    Facebook pages
  •    Direct mail pieces
  •    Restaurant menus
  •    Sides of your trucks
  •    Historical site markers
  •    Games (e.g., video links)
  •    PowerPoint presentations
  •    Taxi stands (to call for taxi)
  •    Name badges at a conference
  •    Retail shelves (as shelf talkers)
  •    YouTube videos and webinars
  •    Marketing and promotional materials
  •    Press releases (e.g., link to expert video)
  •    Travel brochures (e.g., video link to a resort)
  •    E‑mails (e.g., to add a meeting to your calendar)
  •    Airport signage (e.g., link to flight status and gate)
  •    Shopping carts or grocery flyers (e.g., weekly coupons)
  •    Books (e.g., video link about the author, link to buy the book)
  •    Exit signs (e.g., tweet about the concert, check out from the hotel)
  •    E‑mail signature files (e.g., link to corporate website, link to video of the sender)
  •    In‑store signage (e.g., tweet this to a friend, save the date for our grand opening)
  •    On every product in the store with a direct link to real‑time inventory systems (e.g., find ut size and colour availability)
  •    On bus shelters so people can access the bus schedule, the real‑time location of the next bus and its estimated time of arrival, and
  •    Directly on all of your products: e.g., food packaging (link to the recipes), food wrappers (link to the ingredients), appliances (link to the manual), etc.
QR CODE MARKETING STRATEGIESWatch the Video: QR Code Marketing Strategies: A basic introduction to QR codes plus a top 10 list of QR code Marketing Strategies.[xxviii] <goo.gl/uSNMD> (Duration: seven minutes; jump to 3:07 for the top 10 list)

QR Code Marketing Strategies

QR Code Marketing Step-by-Step Guidance

Earlier in the book I described a generic ten‑step process for implementing a successful marketing strategy or campaign. Let’s now apply that process specifically to QR code marketing (with some additional steps) and I’ll also share with you some fascinating examples from around the world.

  1. Determine which priority stakeholders you want to reach.
  2. Set your QR code campaign objectives.
  3. Determine how you can meet your customers’ objectives – give them value.
  4. Brand your QR code campaign – be creative.
  5. Create and test your QR codes.
  6. Ensure all the back‑end processes are in place, tested and working.
  7. Publish your QR codes.
  8. Make it easy for your customers to scan your QR codes.
  9. Market/publicize your QR codes.
  10. Integrate with social media to leverage your campaign.
  11. Track your results using QR code campaign analytics.
  12. Optimize your current and future QR code campaigns.
  13. Apply QR code marketing best practices to maximize results.

Let’s explore each step.

1. Determine which priority stakeholders you want to reach.

Stakeholders could include:

  •       Prospects
  •       Customers
  •       Shareholders
  •       Alliance Partners
  •       Channel Partners
  •       Meeting Attendees
  •       Trade Show Attendees
  •       Employees, for example:
  •               Sales reps
  •               Retail clerk
  •               Delivery drivers
  •               Warehouse personnel.

2. Set your QR code campaign objectives.

A key step for creating a successful QR code campaign is to select objectives that address your business requirements.

  •      Generate sales.
  •      Focus on branding.
  •      Generate PR visibility.
  •      Generate Facebook likes.
  •      Generate website traffic.
  •      Improve customer support.
  •      Improve customer service levels.
  •      Generate mobile app downloads.
  •      Move prospects through the sales cycle.
  •      Improve employee workflow processes.
  •      Introduce an entirely new business model for your company.

Clothing retailer Express has implemented a broad range of QR code strategies. Codes in‑store and on store windows encourage registrations for its loyalty program. QR codes on hardcopy mailers provide video content and encourage product purchases. Express also provides an equivalent SMS text option to extend its campaigns to feature phone users.[xxix]

Boston Market created a QR code marketing campaign to enable customers to enter its Summer at its Best sweepstakes. The goal was to drive repeat in‑store traffic with the enticement of a dream vacation to Hawaii. The QR codes were sent to registered VIP members, placed on banner ads and also in print at the restaurants.[xxx]

Budweiser placed QR codes right on Bud beer labels. The Track your Bud app actually shares a story about your beer by telling you where it was brewed and where the ingredients came from. It also provides you with a personal video connection to the brew master and the heritage of your local Budweiser brewery. Budweiser is successfully overcoming the perception that it is a giant brewery that doesn’t care as much about its beer as a local craft brewery might.[xxxi]

Home Depot uses QR codes in their stores to link customers to project guides, How To videos and information about pertinent accessories for cross-selling. They also have links to videos from designers such as Martha Stewart who discusses kitchen designs. These strategies are intended to move customers through the sales cycle.



Figure 36: QR Codes on Wine Bottles

The QR code on this bottle of Portuguese wine directs consumers to Adegga, a social wine discovery community for wine lovers. Prospective customers can read other wine lovers’ comments about this wine.[xxxii] But linking customers directly to a wine community is risky. What if there are comments from people that don’t like this wine?

It could have been a bold move by the owners of a winery who are confident in the quality of their wine; it demonstrates that they are not afraid of a high level of transparency about their wine. Unfortunately there are no reviews or tasting notes for this wine at Adegga and nobody has made it a favourite. The link simply points to other wines from this winery.

Now let’s consider potential powerful approaches for wine bottles (also applicable to other products) to achieve both marketing and sales objectives. A scan of this QR code could instead link to:

  •      A video review of this wine by a wine critic describing its refined taste, what food it complements and why it’s the best wine in the under $20 price range
  •       A video of the wine maker describing the making of this wine, and/or
  •       A specific site to order a case or two of this wine.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Russian government created an innovative mobile app using geo-location technologies and augmented reality to show people the horrific accidents that have occurred on the very streets that they travel on every day. It has been successful at meeting the objective of increasing road safety awareness in Moscow.


Figure 37: City of Moscow QR Codes

The city of Moscow implemented an innovative and shocking marketing campaign by placing these QR codes throughout the city to encourage citizens to download an app to learn about road safety.

QR MOSCOWWatch the Video: Public Sector QR Code Innovation – Moscow: Learn about how the Russian government created an innovation mobile app to increase road safety awareness in Moscow.[xxxv] <goo.gl/SKVAy> (Duration: two minutes)

One powerful approach for moving prospects through the sales cycle is customer references. A video of an enthusiastic satisfied customer talking about how happy they are and how they achieved specific objectives can quickly close a sale or at least move prospects through the sales cycle.

Many of the QR code objectives discussed focus on sales and marketing, but their potential goes far beyond that. QR codes can also be used to reengineer business processes. For example, a purchaser of an airline ticket could be sent a QR confirmation code to their smartphone. That code could then simply be scanned at the airport to quickly get the traveler through security and onto the correct plane. QR codes could also be used to track the shipment of products through the supply chain so that employees and customers could get access to real‑time information about the location of a particular item.

As you can see from these examples, QR code campaign strategies can vary significantly depending on your objectives, regardless of whether you are a retailer, realtor, winery, brewer, auto dealer or government institution.

Use Multiple QR codes to meet Objectives

In many instances it makes sense to create multiple QR codes, each with a different objective. An auto dealer could have a QR code on their entry door that links to online reviews of their dealership. Each of their sales reps could have a QR code on their desk and on their business cards that would transmit all of their contact information to clients.

Each car could have a QR code with links to detailed product specs, expert reviews, customer reviews, etc. A QR code in a magazine advertisement could link to a YouTube video for a particular automobile. Clearly, QR codes can address multiple objectives for a single company.[xxxvi]

A realtor creating an advertisement or brochure for a particular property could consider having seven different QR codes instead of one, each serving a different purpose. The first code could point to detailed house specifications (e.g., price, square footage, number of bedrooms).

Other QR codes could point to a photo gallery on Flickr; a 3D virtual tour; a YouTube video intro of the home and/or the realtor; a map where the home is located; an automatic like button on Facebook; and finally a QR code that would actually place a direct phone call (or text or e‑mail message) to the realtor.

QR REALTORSWatch the Video: QR Code Marketing Strategies – Realtors: Tutorial for realtors on generating QR codes and executing a QR code real estate campaign.[xxxvii] <goo.gl/pC6aT> (Duration: 36 minutes) (Note to realtors: also review these additional endnotes for more videos on QR code marketing for realtors.)[xxxviii],[x




Figure 38: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) QR Codes

The TSA uses QR codes on airport signs to meet a simple objective – help educate people on airport security procedures. But the poster designer mistakenly used a stock photo of a QR code, sending people to the website of a TSA critic!

3. Determine how you can meet your customers’ objectives – give them value.

It’s unlikely that your QR code campaign will be successful unless you are also meeting your customers’ objectives. You need to determine how your customers might answer this question – “What’s in it for me?” In many cases, customers are trying to meet very specific objectives such as saving money or time, buying the right product or service, obtaining free content, getting entertained or receiving education.

Determine which needs you could address with your QR code marketing strategy. In the absence of a salesperson, simply consider what top three questions your customer might have that require answers. Your QR code could be at the ready to help the customer make a more qualified decision to purchase or achieve some other objective.

Best Buy, one of the pioneers in QR code usage, has QR code labels on many of their retail store shelves that link to product specifications and expert product reviews. Since they have many products in the same product categories, they also offer a convenient QR code product comparison feature that enables customers to select multiple products and view a side-by-side comparison. This is a direct benefit to customers because it aids in the decision-making process and minimizes the risk of buying the wrong product.

QR BEST BUYWatch the Video: QR Code Marketing Strategies – Best Buy: Best Buy’s in‑store on‑shelf QR codes enable customers to compare two products.[xli] <goo.gl/TvQ1k> (Duration: one minute)

A QR code can be call to action or it can simply encourage people to try a QR code to see what’s behind the door. Consider aligning your QR messaging to your customers’ objectives. Be clear and concise about what it is you are offering, both before and after they scan the code. Consideration should be given to where the customer might be in the sales cycle and what approach might best encourage the completion of a sales transaction.

4. Brand your QR code campaign – be creative.

Zoo Music posted animal pictures made up of QR codes throughout the city. By scanning different parts of the animal, a different song would play from that particular artist. Due in part to the branding visibility, CDs from these alternative music artists flew off the shelf.[xlii]


Watch the Video: QR Code Branding – Macy’s: Using a creative designer QR code, Macy’s branded its in‑store merchandising app as Macy’s Backstage Pass because it gave people an inside view of videos of the designers, fashion advice, insider tips and beauty secrets.[xliv] <goo.gl/r5Hvq> (Duration: one minute)

QR LEGOWatch the Video: QR Code Branding – Lego®: Lego® actually used Lego® building blocks to create the QR code for their marketing campaign.[xlv] <goo.gl/kf4uX> (Duration: three minutes)QR RESUMESWatch the Video: QR Code Branding – Resumes: Check out this innovative QR code resume – an innovative branding approach.[xlvi] <goo.gl/kO8I2> (Duration: one minute)5. Create and test your QR codes.

QR codes are not perfect and the more information you try to pack onto a QR code, the more likely it will generate errors when someone tries to scan it. Therefore, you should minimize the amount of information included. One way to do that is to shorten any web URL address that you want to point to, using a tool such as Google’s goo.gl[xlvii] or bit.ly.[xlviii]

While having the right amount of information per code is essential, remember that you are not limited to just one QR code per product or service. Again, keep top-of-mind the before scan and after scan objectives of your target audience and make sure what you are trying to achieve in the scan makes sense.

Once you are ready to create your QR codes, there are many free online sites that can instantly generate your QR codes such as Kaywa[xlix] (used for the QR codes in this book), QRstuff,[l] Zxing,[li] Scanlife,[lii] QRrei,[liii] Kerem erkan[liv] or QRrage.[lv] Likify.net[lvi] can be used for campaigns to generate QR codes for getting likes on Facebook. Then test your QR codes on a variety of phones to make sure they work as planned.

QR Code Creation Best Practices

  •      Ensure that the usage terms for the online free or fee QR code Generator that you use allow unlimited scans (some may be limited), do not route the link request through the vendor’s server and always allow for commercial use. Otherwise usage could be restricted once you get your QR codes printed and out in the marketplace.
  •      When pointing to a website, the QR code must point to a mobile-optimized website.
  •      Ensure the experience is fast by transferring less than 500KB with your code (or an appropriate size based on the infrastructure available to your typical customer).
  •      Print using maximum resolution and test it in the environment it will be in to ensure that it works well.

6. Ensure all the back‑end processes are in place, tested and working.

Next you must make sure that all your back‑end processes are in place, tested and working before you publish your QR codes and launch your campaign. This could involve training retail store clerks or other employees that may have to take action once a QR code is scanned. Not paying attention to these details could result in dissatisfied customers and a negative impact on your brand.

QR CHILI PUNCH OBILEOops!Watch the Video: QR Code Marketing Misstep – Chili’s: Punch Mobile Marketing describes why Chili’s QR code campaign didn’t quite go as planned.[lvii] <goo.gl/iDXvy> (Duration: four minutes)

7. Publish your QR codes.

Where? The short answer is, everywhere you can: business cards, brochures, print ads, TV ads, posters, corporate letterhead, etc. If you are using QR codes that require Internet access (e.g., link to a website), they must not be located where the Internet is inaccessible (e.g., on a subway or airplane). The Home plus subway example mentioned earlier is an exception, since Wi‑Fi is available in Korean subways; that’s not the case in most subways around the world.

Furthermore, the QR codes must be readable; placing them behind a dirty storefront window or on a dirty bus will not likely work. It is truly amazing how many different places you can publish your QR codes.[lviii]

Companies should place QR Codes where they are most likely to reach their target market. Mandarin Oriental places QR codes in the rooms to enable guests to quickly download its mobile booking app.[lix] Red Bull successfully printed QR codes on flyers to drive attendance to its Crashed Ice! event.[lx] Elmer’s has QR codes on its Elmer’s glue bottles and on in‑store displays to enable instant downloading of its photo-sharing app.[lxi]

Porsche placed mobile codes on its vehicles to provide prospects with more information, encouraging them to research the vehicle if there’s no sales rep around or they prefer to self‑serve.[lxii] Allure Magazine launched a successful Free Stuff Giveaway campaign that generated almost half a million scans. The campaign was a branding success with 25,000 registrants.[lxiii] Another company created QR code temporary tattoos that could be used by employees at trade shows.[lxiv]

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel launched a unique marketing strategy by getting its waitresses and waiters to wear QR codes. Customers that scanned these codes were delighted to learn about an upcoming pool party and Enrique Iglesias concert. This strategy was also fully integrated with the hotel’s social media, web and radio marketing campaigns. A contest for a free weekend group party package, including private jet transportation and a yacht excursion generated excitement and visibility across multiple channels.[lxv]

Kellogg placed QR codes and an SMS text option on its Crunchy Nut cereal boxes. This resulted in 40,000 QR code scans, 6,000 text messages, 38,000 video views and 50,000 page views. In the future, Kellogg can also deliver offers, contests and coupons via QR codes.[lxvi]

Random House promotes its children’s books by placing QR codes on over 50,000 children’s menus in over 100 restaurants. This is a good strategy for reaching its target market – children and their parents. The menu placement has the added advantage of a captive audience in a relaxed environment with time on their hands while waiting for their food, rather than on a busy street where people are hurrying by.

This strategy has provided a positive brand association for the participating restaurants such as T.G.I. Friday’s and Round Tablet Pizza. The net branding benefit to Random House was over 100,000 views per month.[lxvii]

The power of QR codes lies not in the code itself, but in the creative ways that marketers use them to generate buzz and branding impact. One music band created a music video that briefly flashed a few hundred QR codes on the screen. One of those QR codes linked to a contest prize, but you end up linking to a lot of other content from this band before getting lucky enough to capture the QR code linked to the prize.

pic tokyo building qr

Wow!Figure 39: The Tokyo N Building QR Code

It’s hard to miss this QR code on the side of a building in Japan. The Tokyo N building actually has a QR code spanning the entire side of the building.

Scanning the code actually gives passersby information on the vendors that are located within the building. You can even view the tweets occurring from inside the building at the time – ”Ten percent off shoes today. Come on in!”[lxx]

qr nyWatch the Video: Public Sector QR Code Innovation – New York: Central Park in New York became the World Park when QR codes were situated throughout the park turning it into an outdoor mobile museum. Links to trivia questions and famous video scenes from movies that occurred at that exact spot made this a unique branding success. At an empty band shell, the QR code linked to a music video from a past symphony event.[lxxi] <goo.gl/HA7Pk> (Duration: four minutes)

QR TAG HeuerWatch the Video: Magazine QR Code Marketing – TAGHeuer: Brief demonstration of a TAGHeuer watch QR code campaign in Glamour magazine.[lxxii] <goo.gl/N7iAg> (Duration: three minutes)


Watch the Video: QR Code TV Advertising – Axa Insurance: Axa Insurance in Belgium used an innovative TV commercial to get prospects to download its home insurance app. Viewers scan the QR code to make a surprising discovery about what caused a house fire.[lxxiii] <goo.gl/JOImj> (Duration: two minutes)

8. Make it easy for your customers to scan your QR codes.

Macy’s made it easy for customers to download its QR code reader. Customers simply have to text the word reader to Macys (62297) and the correct QR code reader is automatically sent directly to them. Macy’s also provides free Wi‑Fi in its stores to ensure that customers have online access.[lxxiv]

9. Market/publicize your QR codes.

A tiny QR code on a poster may not get noticed, so consider marketing strategies to raise the visibility of your QR codes. You could send your QR codes to all your prospects, customers, employees, channel partners and shareholders in your annual report, via e‑mail, on giant billboards on the side of a building, in advertisements, etc. Another powerful approach for generating free publicity is through the use of guerilla marketing techniques.


Wow! Figure 40: QR Code Haircuts – Unilever Clear Shampoo

Unilever had explicit objectives in mind for its Clear shampoo QR code campaign – branding and sales. They wanted to convince people that Clear wasn’t just about healthy hair, but about having a healthy scalp too. They sent guerilla troops out into the streets of Bangkok with haircuts in the shape of QR codes that pointed to the Clear mobile site – thousands scanned it.

Unilever then convinced a local TV celebrity, Terng Pradon, to get a QR code haircut. This celebrity endorsement ended up everywhere, including on a magazine cover which generated thousands of more visits to the Clear mobile website. Without any media investment at all, traffic surged 400 percent. The campaign claims to have reached ten million people through PR.[lxxvi]

QR GUERILLA UNLIVERWatch the Video: QR Code Guerilla Marketing – Unilever: A description of the marketing impact of Unilever’s QR code haircut guerilla marketing strategy for Clear.[lxxvii] <goo.gl/V49KR> (Duration: two minutes)
QR TRAINING BEST BUYWatch the Video: QR Code Training – Best Buy: One approach to increase the scans of your QR codes is to create a YouTube video to explain to people what they can do using your QR codes. Here is a sample video of Best Buy explaining QR code usage to customers.[lxxviii] <goo.gl/W83ck> (Duration: two minutes)

10. Integrate with social media to leverage your campaign.

QR codes can be used to integrate with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. QR codes can generate a Facebook like, make someone your Facebook friend, link someone to your Facebook Fan Page, get someone to follow you on Twitter, automatically send a tweet on Twitter, etc. By implementing these strategies, your campaign will reach far beyond the individuals scanning your QR code; it may reach all of their Facebook friends or Twitter followers as well.

Verizon ran a QR code contest for a smartphone via Facebook. They also added an incentive – if your friend bought a Verizon mobile phone you would get a free smartphone. The promo was a branding success with visibility on 25,000 Facebook profiles. The promotion also generated $35,000 in revenue in a single week with minimal investment.[lxxix]

QR CODE FB TW INTEGTRATIONWatch the Video: QR Code/Facebook Integration – Diesel: Diesel used QR codes to encourage customers to post a Facebook like for the jeans they were trying on in the store.[lxxx] <goo.gl/CKLBf> (Duration: one minute)

11. Track your results using QR code campaign analytics.

To truly optimize your QR code marketing efforts, you should implement analytics with every campaign. What you measure will be dependent upon what your QR code does. You could measure a wide range of things such as the number of people that scanned your QR code, the click stream paths on your website, the number of downloads of your app, the number of people that scanned and then called you, the number of store visits, the number of sales generated, etc. It is important to analyze this data to determine the effectiveness and ROI of each of your marketing campaigns.

An appealing feature of QR codes is that different ones can be used in different publications and different places, enabling companies to track the performance of every QR code in every ad in every marketing channel – a very powerful method for determining ROI.

Tracking your QR code scans is an important step and it’s easy to do if you used the URL shorteners mentioned previously (bit.ly or goo.gl). To track the number of people that scanned your code, simple add a “+” to the end of the URL. For example, if you want to determine the number of visits to goo.gl/yU4MG, you simply key in goo.gl/yU4MG+ to see the campaign results.[1] Voila, campaign analytics for QR code scans.

QR Code Analytics TutorialWatch the Video: QR Code Analytics Tutorial – Google: Tutorial on “How To Use Google Analytics[lxxxi] Goal Tracking For QR code Campaigns.”[lxxxii] <goo.gl/LLQrP> (Duration: eight minutes)

12. Optimize your current and future QR code campaigns.

As you measure your results, determining what is working or not working will help you optimize your results as you proceed. Rather than viewing a QR code campaign in isolation as just enabling a single transaction, consider the bigger picture of how this single transaction could be part of the ultimate goal of building long‑term relationships with customers. Move from a transactional focus to a relationship focus.

13. Apply QR code Marketing Best Practices to maximize results.

  •       The QR code must work (i.e., not packed with too much data or be placed in an area without wireless connectivity if required).
  •       The QR code should point to a shortened URL such as those from bit.ly or goo.gl.
  •       Simply add a “+” to the end of your shortened URL to get detailed analytics about the number of times your QR code was scanned.[lxxxiii]
  •       Test the code using multiple devices or test using online tools.[lxxxiv]
  •       When linking to a website, make sure you are pointing to a mobile-optimized site.
  •       Consider QR code campaign techniques that have proven to generate the most interaction: contests, sweepstakes, sample offers and promotional discounts.[lxxxv]
  •       Combine a QR code scan with GPS location information to provide an even more customized result for customers.[lxxxvi]
  •       Point to casual and personable video content for impact. For instance, a QR code on a storefront that points to a website with all of your offers may be much less powerful than a video of the store manager welcoming customers into the store and providing some background about himself and his store, and whispering a secret code for an instant discount.

Challenge Questions

QR Code Marketing Strategies: Would a QR Code strategy help you achieve your business and marketing objectives and if so, how would you apply it? What would your objectives be? Where would you place the QR codes? What strategy could you use to generate free publicity?

Augmented Reality


Wow!Figure 41: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is like having an instant Wikipedia page for everything your camera points to. Check out the top augmented reality campaigns this year.

Augmented Reality Marketing

In addition to QR code marketing, there are many other forms of augmented reality marketing that do not require a QR code. Instead, they often require a dedicated augmented reality app such as those from Blippar or Layar. Organizations are starting capitalize on these augmented reality apps, but they are still making missteps in their approach.

Organizations should first ensure they educate users on downloading the required apps, standardize on a particular app for all their augmented reality campaigns, invest in content that engages the user and create an app that has specific objectives in mind.[lxxxix]

Furthermore, linking augmented reality apps to social media can open up entirely new capabilities and streams of information to enhance the app. For example, an augmented reality app could show you photos from Flickr that were taken nearby, since most photos contain geotagging which identifies the exact location of the photo. Or, you could even see the exact location of who is tweeting nearby and what they are saying.

Augmented Reality AdvertisingWatch the Video: Augmented Reality Advertising: Mobile augmented reality can be a powerful tool to link the physical and virtual worlds.[xc] <goo.gl/IjgVt> (Duration: one minute)
TEDWatch the Video: The Augmented Reality Transformation: Augmented reality integrated with a phone’s ability to recognize images opens up all kinds of opportunities to transform education, customer support and entertainment in the future, as we can see from the TED Talk.[xci] <goo.gl/200CU> (Duration: eight minutes)

Augmented Reality Campaign Analytics

To truly optimize your augmented reality campaign or app, you should implement augmented reality analytics. You can measure all kinds of things including the number of people that accessed certain information, the click stream path through your app, the number of downloads of your software, the customer evaluation and the rating of your app.

For augmented reality apps being used to view products (in a store, at home or elsewhere), you could even potentially track the percentage of people that viewed a particular product and whether they bought it or put it back on the shelf. It’s important to analyze this data to determine the effectiveness and ROI of your augmented reality campaign or app. Analytics intelligence could help you to adjust your current and/or future campaigns.

Challenge Question

Augmented Reality Marketing Strategies: Would an augmented reality strategy help you achieve your business and marketing objectives and if so, how would you apply it?

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Figure 38: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) QR Codes

The TSA uses QR codes on airport signs to meet a simple objective – help educate people on airport security procedures. But the poster designer mistakenly used a stock photo of a QR code, sending people to the website of a TSA critic!

A8 Mobile Coupon Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies
Mobile Coupon Marketing entails sending electronic coupons to customers using a number of techniques such as e‑mail, SMS text, Twitter or mobile app. “A recent independent survey from ABI Research shows that 63 percent of consumers felt that a coupon would be the most effective incentive to get them to respond to a mobile marketing message… ABI also found that 52 percent of consumers would use mobile coupons for a discount at a local store.”[i] Furthermore, 73 percent wish they could get an instant coupon as they walk past an item in a store.[ii] As a result, mobile coupon usage has almost doubled recently.[iii]Six thousand customers have signed up for Subway Restaurants’ regional My Subway Mobile campaign, with 150 new customers signing up every week. By expanding the promotion nationally, Subway hopes to ramp up to 20,000 new registrants every week. Subway’s incentive is two dollars off or buy one get one free. It also made a promotional family offer during an NFL game, great timing for capturing large orders for the whole family.

Subway has been getting a redemption rate of five to six percent on its mobile coupons – double to triple the redemption rate for its physical coupons.[iv] The redemption rate of mobile coupons should reach eight percent by 2016. This is much higher than the redemption rate of other coupon channels. Moreover, printed coupon redemption rates have dropped by about 40 percent in the past few years.[v]

A&W implemented a mobile coupon campaign for a free burger that resulted in a 20 percent increase in revenue in some stores. The campaign was promoted in the stores, radio and TV. It even went viral on social media resulting in over 50,000 customers opting in to receive A&W coupon codes via SMS text. By building this database and establishing a direct connection with its customers, A&W can now make last minute promotional offers to customers that are near a particular store.[vi]

QR1Watch the Video: Mobile Coupon Text Marketing: Demonstration of a mobile coupon campaign via text messaging.[vii] <goo.gl/9YZj9> (Duration: two minutes)

Retailer Target launched an opt‑in Text to Get instant coupon promotion; enrollment in the program quickly doubled. Five to ten mobile coupons are sent to customers every couple of weeks as well as when they are in the store. Benefits to Target include an increase in sales and improved customer loyalty. More importantly, analytics can be used to push targeted coupon offers to customers for products that they wouldn’t normally buy – a very compelling approach for increasing sales through cross-selling.[viii]

QR MOBILE COUPOS CA SAVE MONEYWatch the Video: Mobile Coupon Marketing – Target: Mobile coupons can save money on a wide range of goods, as we can see from this demonstration at Target.[ix] <goo.gl/O9eo6> (Duration: three minutes)

Mobile Coupon Platforms

In addition to creating their own branded coupon apps, companies can also consider promoting their products through multivendor coupon platforms such as GeoQpons, Shopkick and Thumbprize. The GeoQpons app lets consumers access thousands of coupons, deals and offers from their favorite retailers. This type of platform may be a sound strategy for companies that prefer not to create their own branded coupon apps at all.[x]

Shopkick has created an app that can instantly send coupons to customers as soon as they step into a mall or walk past a particular store. Shopkick doesn’t use GPS to determine their location like other systems. “Instead, it relies on retailers installing small speakers at the entrance to their stores or the mall. The speakers emit an inaudible sound that can be picked up by cell phone microphones. The sound contains a code that identifies the store.”[xi]

Thumbprize is a mobile platform that goes beyond mobile coupons to also manage contests and sweepstakes.[xii] Thumprize is also intended to fully integrate with traditional marketing channels.[xiii] In fact there are several popular readily available mobile coupon platforms in different countries.[xiv]

Coupon Expiry Considerations

An important aspect of mobile coupons is the validity period of the offer. A&W’s mobile coupon was valid for five days, driving traffic to stores rather quickly after the promotion started. Subway’s coupons are valid for two days. Hotel Tonight’s app offers mobile flash deals that are only valid for that evening – it’s now or never. This strategy is a great way for hotels to sell off vacant rooms that are unlikely to rent that evening at full price.[xv]

Some companies such as Dazbog Coffee utilize an even more restrictive time limit for its mobile coupons – 30 minutes! This is a powerful approach to driving in‑store traffic during slow periods, generating business dynamically as needed.[xvi]

The nature of mobile usage is simply different than traditional laptop usage. There is strong evidence that mobile devices are used much more frequently during the latter stages of the sales cycle – when buying decisions are being made. For example, a high proportion of mobile users book hotels at the last minute, even waiting until after they have arrived at their destination city before booking a hotel room.

Last New Year’s Eve, research showed that 42 percent of mobile users actually waited until after 5pm before making their last minute hotel reservation.[xvii] This points to the importance of using a mobile marketing strategy to reach consumers when they are making buying decisions.

Consider industries and services that would benefit greatly by being able to sell off last minute tickets such as airlines, trains, buses, movie theatres, plays, musicals, concerts and sporting events. An empty seat is lost revenue that can never be recaptured. Now imagine a scenario whereby a theatre with vacant seats sends this message to customers that are currently in the mall – “Popcorn and a large pop for only two dollars with every movie ticket purchased in the next 20 minutes.”

Or visualize a stadium with thousands of empty seats for the game that is about to start, sending this message to customers within a one kilometer radius – “Here’s a $20 off coupon if you purchase a ticket to the game right now.” These are potentially powerful last-minute approaches for minimizing lost revenues.

Mobile Coupon Benefits

Companies using mobile coupons can achieve several potential benefits including:

  •       An increase in customer visits
  •       Greener solution than flyers and mailers
  •       An ability to ramp up customer visits during slow periods (e.g., bad weather)[xviii]
  •       Ease of tracking campaign effectiveness and adjusting execution midstream if needed[xix]
  •       Built‑in features such as directions to the nearest store based on your exact location to make them more effective, and
  •       An integration of physical and virtual worlds to enable real‑time offers to customers at the point of purchase.[xx]

Mobile Coupon Marketing Best Practices

  •       Ensure that customers have agreed to opt in to receive your coupons.
  •       Select a coupon expiry that makes sense for your offering.
  •       Use location-aware coupons to reach nearby customers and encourage instant foot traffic and sales in your stores.
  •       Enable a broad range of options for signing up to your coupon program via the web, mobile web, mobile app or even a simple text message.
  •       Create coupon redemption processes that are simple and paperless (e.g., imbed barcodes or QR codes into your coupons).
  •       To manage mobile coupon marketing campaigns, consider using coupon marketing cloud platforms (such as those from Coupons Inc.).[xxi]
  •       Promote your mobile coupon program in multiple places such as your flyers, print ads, TV ads, social media and in‑store signage.

The key to an effective mobile coupon strategy is timing. Change your mindset from sending coupons to prospects midday when they are in the office or in the evening at home, to a Saturday afternoon when they are at the mall or walking past your store. A timely offer for a discounted ice cream cone while they are in the car on a hot summer day would be irresistible.

Challenge Questions

Mobile Coupon Marketing Strategies: Will a mobile coupon marketing strategy help you achieve your business objectives? What are your priority objectives? How can you reach your target market? Can you exploit built‑in smartphone sensors to make your coupons even more compelling?

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A9 Freemium Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

“Freemium is a business model by which a product or service (typically a digital offering such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but a premium is charged for advanced features, functionality or virtual goods. The word freemium is a portmanteau combining the two aspects of the business model: free and premium.”[i] Mobile Freemium Marketing combines a Freemium business model with mobile devices to generate market awareness, branding, moving people through the sales cycle and ultimately, sales.

QR FREEMIUMWatch the Video: The Freemium Business Model: Overview of the freemium business model.[ii] <goo.gl/ppKHi> (Duration: nine minutes)

Challenge Questions

Freemium Marketing Strategies: Would a freemium marketing strategy help you achieve your business objectives and if so, how would you implement it? What would you offer for free and what could you charge for? How would you track success?

[i] JLM de la Iglesia, JEL Gayo. “Doing business by selling free services.” Web 2.0: The Business Model, 2008. Springer. And Tom Hayes. “Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business.” 2008. Page 195. As quoted in Wikipedia. Accessed November 4, 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemium#cite_note-0.

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A10 Mobile Video Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

Video is exploding. More video was uploaded to YouTube in the last two months than if ABC, CBS and NBC had been airing all‑new content every minute of every day since 1948.

The growth of streaming video on mobile devices is almost doubling every year. This is being driven by:

  • Device proliferation – the explosion of smartphones and the shipment of over 100 million tablets this year (video viewing on tablets is growing two to three times more than on smartphones)
  • Device capabilities – sharper screens, longer lasting batteries
  • Network access – the proliferation of Wi‑Fi access points
  • Network speed – the availability and growth of 4G mobile networks, and
  • Content – an explosion of the availability and quality of mobile video content.

The small screens on mobile devices may be viewed by marketers as a big disadvantage, but always being at your side they have a crucial advantage – convenience. Furthermore, they are engaging; immersing users in a vivid captivating world. As a result, the completion rate for mobile videos is actually 31 percent higher than the completion rate for videos on other devices.

youtube image

Mobile Video Marketing: As more people are getting comfortable watching mobile video, more companies are using videos to engage consumers and build their brand. Mountain Dew uses banner ads to point to its Mountain Dew YouTube channel where its target audience of tech‑savvy males can watch several videos.

In a successful effort to highlight its emerging market expertise, HSBC created mobile videos of its emerging market economists. This helped position and brand the eminence of HSBC employees as experts in this area.

will it blend image

Figure 42: YouTube Video Marketing – Blendtec Will it BlendWill It Blend? is a YouTube video marketing campaign for Blendtec’s line of blenders. The company founder, Tom Dickson, blends various unusual objects such as iPads, golf balls and footballs to show the power of their blenders. This has resulted in 60,000 subscribers and over 100 million views – sales are up by 500 percent!

QR CODE WILL IT BLENDWatch the Video: Video Marketing – Blendtec: Blendtec produced cheesy Will it Blend? videos – a great example of video marketing. <goo.gl/mu4KG> (Duration: one to two minutes each)

Although successful, these previous examples demonstrate the traditional marketing paradigm of corporate-created content being presented to the masses. The brave new social media world enables organizations to engage everyone to create videos.

For example, Doritos ran a video contest to let customers create the next great Doritos commercial and the winning commercial was actually played during the Super Bowl. Nestle also had a successful video contest inviting anyone to create a Butterfingers’ (chocolate bars) TV commercial.

QR CODE NESTLEWatch the Video: Video Contests – Nestlé: Winner of the “Nobody’s Gonna Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger” Video Contest.<goo.gl/ftJ0w> (Duration: 22 seconds)

Video Ads

Video ads on mobile devices are gaining in popularity. There is a wide range of video ads that can be considered including pre‑roll video ads (appear before the video that someone has selected to view), interstitial video ads (appear in between other multimedia content), in‑banner video ads (play inside a banner, audio is user initiated) and in‑app video ads (play inside a mobile app). Some video ads take up 100 percent of the smartphone’s display; others simply take up a portion.

Research has clearly proven that “mobile video ads demonstrated significantly higher brand awareness, favorability and interest in purchasing. Overall, mobile video delivered superior results in comparison to online video and TV across all key brand and ad metrics, proving that mobile video is a high performing vehicle to drive ROI and merits greater investment in cross-screen marketing campaigns… mobile video delivers strong ROI as a complement to TV and online and should be leveraged as a crucial component of the marketing mix.”

In a head-to-head comparison, general ad recall from mobile video ads was 79 percent, compared to 49 percent for TV ads and 29 percent for online ads. Furthermore, purchase intent from mobile video ads was more than twice as effective as online ads and almost four times more effective than TV.

Smart Video Ads

Smart Video Ads use analytics to deliver personalized ads to individuals; this results in higher engagement and more successful campaigns. For example, imagine delivering a video ad about printer cartridges to someone that has already purchased your printer or an ad for a television to someone that already placed that television into a shopping cart, but then abandoned the transaction.

“Personalized video advertising has enabled Office Depot to target consumers with relevant messaging that converts site abandoners, salvaging an otherwise lost investment.”

Interactive Video Ads

Interactive Video Ads enable viewers to click on items in the video that will generate specific actions such as adding an item to a shopping card or making a dinner reservation. There is clear evidence that interactive video ads are more engaging for viewers and help advertisers achieve specific objectives. “According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, half of online video ads will be interactive within two years.”


Figure 43: YouTube Video Marketing – Animal PlanetAnimal Planet found interactive video ads to be most effective for generating buzz for its TV show on big river monsters (i.e., fish). The AdMob video ads generated six million impressions, engaging 75,000 visitors. YouTube ads generated another one million video views.Notably, 84 percent of mobile users finished watching the video and many visitors shared the content via Facebook and Twitter. Visitors engaged with the ads for an average of four minutes, which is a strong level of engagement. Animal Planet achieved their goal of driving ratings and buzz for the show.

Mobile Video Marketing Best Practices

  •      Identify clear business and/or marketing goals.
  •      Identify your customers’ “What’s in it for me?” factor (i.e., what value do they  receive).
  •      Create engaging, short and snappy mobile videos to address the shorter attention span of mobile users on‑the‑go.
  •      Create tailor-made content (e.g., larger text) versus simply repurposing TV video content – this will address smaller mobile screens.
  •      Make your mobile video content interactive (e.g., product configurator).
  •      Make your mobile video content more casual and personable compared to other video mediums such as TV.
  •      Give users the option to skip video content otherwise they may get annoyed.
  •     Capitalize on the phone’s touch screen capability (e.g., a swipe could enable one of your interactive features).
  •     Capitalize on the smartphone’s sensor capabilities (e.g., use GPS to identify the closest store or bank branch).
  •      Provide quick tap options allowing consumers to engage more deeply with your brand or with your employees.
  •      Integrate share and like social media call to action options with your video strategy to enable consumers to become brand advocates (combining mobile video with social media integration increases engagement by 64 percent).
  •      Provide a clear call to action.
  •      Implement a video marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to ensure your videos rank highly for YouTube and Google searches.
  •      Post videos and video ads to popular mobile video apps (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo and SocialCam).
  •     Implement interactive video ads and smart video ads to increase viewer engagement.
  •      Combine full‑page tablet ads with mobile video since this has proven to increase engagement by 15 percent.
  •     Combine TV advertising with your mobile marketing strategy. There is a 69   percent increase in brand recall and a 72 percent increase in purchase intent when consumers interact with multiple screens such as a smartphone, tablet and TV.
  •    Shorten videos for viewing during busy workday hours.
  •    Provide real‑time video conferencing support for your customers.

QR CODE video marketing best praticesWatch the Video: Video Marketing Best Practices: Quick introduction to the top ten video marketing best practices. <goo.gl/MdiZv> (Duration: one minute)

QR CODE Video Marketing Social Media IntegrationWatch the Video: Video Marketing/Social Media Integration: Overview of the importance of video marketing and integration with social media marketing. <goo.gl/1gxSE> (Duration: two minutes)

QR CODE Powerful Video Marketing ExampleWatch the Video: Powerful Video Marketing Example: A powerful example of video marketing – No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. This video shows an emotional connection with the audience.<goo.gl/aTSy> (Duration: four minutes)

QR CODE VIDEO and music impact people are awesomeWatch the Video: Video and Music Impact: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth a million words. Think about how music adds to the impact of this video. Take a video break and watch some awesome people doing awesome things. <goo.gl/W1ypK> (Duration: 12 minutes)

QR CODE HEAVEN LED ZEPWatch the Video: Video Cutaways Impact: Watch Heart’s rendition of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Think about how the cutaway shot of the audience reactions heighten your feeling that this was truly an impactful event. The same approach could potentially be used for your product branding, marketing and sales videos. <goo.gl/g9U88> (Duration: seven minutes)

Challenge Questions

Video Marketing Strategies: Would a video marketing strategy help you achieve your business objectives and if so, what would it look like? What are your priority objectives? How can you reach your target market? Can you exploit built‑in smartphone sensors to make your video ads even more compelling?

Top 10 ‘Closing the Sale’ Mobile Marketing Strategies

Part of a series of Top 10 Closing the Sale Mobile Marketing Strategies

Top 10 ‘Closing the Sale’ Mobile Marketing Strategies

In this Chapter

  • The next Top 10 list focuses on strategies that will move prospects through the sales cycle:
  1. B1. Cause Marketing
  2. B2. Mobile Community Review and Comparison Shopping Marketing
  3. B3. Mobile Trial Marketing
  4. B4. Mobile Clicks and Bricks Marketing
  5. B5. Mobile Loyalty Marketing
  6. B6. Hyperlocal Marketing (Location-Based Marketing)
  7. B7. Check‑In Social Media Marketing
  8. B8. Gamification Marketing
  9. B9. Augmented Reality Merchandising, and
  10. B10. Customer Service App Marketing.

A s you can see, there is a wide range of strategies that companies can consider to help close the sale. The key is determining which ones make most sense for your organization. Retailers, auto dealers, banks, the service industry (e.g., realtors, hotels and restaurants), the travel industry and several other industries are implementing a variety of mobile marketing tactics to move prospects through the sales cycle to a purchase decision. Options for achieving this objective include mobile apps, custom landing pages, micro-sites, store locators and click-to-call options to talk to someone on the phone.

This increases the likelihood of moving prospects through the sales cycle and closing the sale – in the app, mobile browser, with a call centre agent or in a real‑world location.[i] Organizations should capitalize on the wide range of call to actions that are possible from a mobile phone. Let’s view a visual representation of all ten ‘closing the sale’ options, followed by a review of each strategy in detail including a world tour of examples.

( Click on the images to view )

PIC 1 to 5PIC 6 TO 10

Figure 44: Top 10 ‘Closing the Sale’ Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are several effective mobile strategies that you can consider to move prospects through the sales cycle and close the sale.

[i] “Mobile campaigns with store locator grow 47pc month-to-month: study.” Mobile Marketer. January 12, 2012. Accessed November 4, 2012. http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/research/11877.html.

B1 Cause Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Closing the Sale Mobile Marketing Strategies

Cause Marketing involves “the cooperative efforts of a for profit business and a non‑profit organization for mutual benefit.”[i] Cause marketing combined with mobile marketing and social media marketing can be a powerful way to achieve viral marketing results, meet business objectives and gain far more engagement and exposure from your corporate charitable donations.

Research shows that “when quality and price are equal, social purpose ranks as the most important factor in selecting a brand.” Social purpose acts as a purchase trigger for 53 percent of consumers, up significantly from 41 percent a couple of years ago.[ii] “Overall, 56 percent of consumers said they have bought a product specifically because the proceeds went to a good cause or the brand supported a particular cause.”[iii]

Let’s consider how several organizations are building a social purpose and cause marketing into their mobile social media strategy. For example, Walgreens donates a flu shot to someone in need every time a customer checks in to one of its stores on Foursquare, resulting in broad social media awareness.[iv]

Elmer’s provides free school supplies to children in need through its Kids In Need Foundation. Elmer’s makes a donation for every photo posted to its photo-sharing app. Moreover, to achieve this, people must download the app and engage with Elmer’s brand.[v]

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese donates ten noodles to Feeding America every time someone uses a digital noodle to create artwork in its Dinner, Not Art app.[vi] Donating over 100 million noodles is a great way for Kraft to support a great cause, while building its brand through social media interactions.[vii]

QR KRAFTWatch the Video: Cause Marketing Campaign – Kraft: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has launched a Dinner, Not Art App which employs a Cause Marketing approach to engage consumer <goo.gl/yDmHN> (Duration: one minute)

Purina placed QR codes on thousands of Purina One cat food packages to encourage pet adoptions and solicit charity donations to pet shelters across the country. For each QR code scanned, Purina donates one dollar to pet charities. Purina extended this program to Facebook with the goal of donating 10,000 bowls of pet food every month.

This is consistent with its past track record of donating over two million pounds of food and feeding 200,000 pets. This strategy clearly positions Purina as a company that cares about pets, and strengthens its relationship with pet owners – a great example of cause marketing.[ix]


Cause Marketing Campaign – JC Penney: JC Penney ties its mobile marketing strategy to its JCP Cares charitable giving strategy.[x] It donates a dollar to the USO (an organization dedicated to America’s troops and their families) every time a customer checks in to one of its stores.[xi] This is a great approach for companies that want to get more customer engagement, brand visibility and brand impact from their charitable giving.[xii]

But imagine if you could more closely tie your cause marketing campaign to generating actual commerce transactions. That’s exactly what 50 Back Brewing did when they launched their Buy a Soldier a Beer campaign. They placed QR codes “on all of their promotional materials – flyers, coasters, packaging, stickers, posters and point-of-sale displays – to reach their landing page.[xiii] There, visitors are given three options: post a message on the 50 Back Facebook page, post a message on Twitter or buy a soldier a beer.

All QR Code purchases are handled through Text2Pay. The visitor’s cell phone account is charged $1.99 (Text2Pay takes $.99 of every purchase as a processing fee) and the person has bought a soldier a beer. More than 75,000 people have scanned the QR code since March, and the company has given away more than 7,400 beers – all delivered to various military bases in the Boston area.”[xiv] This is a very powerful social media marketing and cause marketing approach.

Cause Marketing Best Practices[xv]

  •       Make sure there is a suitable and genuine match between your offering and the cause you are supporting.
  •       Make sure there is an authentic fit between the objectives and principles of both organizations.
  •       Be very open and transparency about the amount of money collected, where it is going and how it is being used.
  •       Tie your donations to specific behaviors you are trying to encourage such as product purchases, Facebook likes, app downloads and Foursquare check‑ins.
  •       Get the right balance and effectively communicate your social purpose; you don’t want it to appear that you are simply buying likes, clicks and scans.
  •       Integrate your cause marketing strategy with your mobile marketing and social media marketing strategies.

QR AEROPOSTALEWatch the Video: Cause Marketing Campaign – Aeropostale: Aeropostale and DoSomething.org implemented a Cause Marketing campaign that donated a million pairs of blue jeans to homeless kids.[xvi] <goo.gl/DxW8S> (Duration: four minutes)

QR SADDLEBACK CELLERSWatch the Video: Cause Marketing Campaign – Saddleback Cellers: Cause Marketing overview plus a case study about how Saddleback Cellers has partnered with the Boy Scouts to successfully implement Cause Marketing to sell more wine.[xvii] <goo.gl/fXWgs> (Duration: five minutes)

Challenge Question

Cause Marketing Strategies: Are there opportunities for your organization to integrate your charitable giving with your mobile social media marketing strategies, and if so, what might that look like?

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