“2015 Canadian Social Media Voters’ Pulse”

2015 Canadian Social Media Voters’ Pulse2015

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Yesterday we published the results of the “2015 Canadian Social Media Voters’ Pulse” which analyzes several million conversations on social media related to the 2015 Canadian federal election. This analysis includes tracking of major issues, leader/party chatter levels, leader/party sentiment (negative vs. positive comments), etc.

For the 2015 election, there have been some very surprising results surrounding leader/party chatter levels, leader/party sentiment tracking (negative vs. positive comments), and peaks and valleys around several issues such the Trans-Pacific Parthership, taxes, niqab, middle class, Syrian refugees, crime, foreign policy, small business, economy/recession, Ukraine, strategic voting, environment/climate change, student debt, household debt, KPMG, etc. (We have also been able to compare these results to our data analysis from the last federal election in 2011.)
We discovered many surprising trends in this year’s analysis, but most importantly, several indicators point to a liberal majority.
I look forward to hearing your comments on these results. Media inquiries are welcome.

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