Top 10 Branding / Presales Mobile Marketing Strategies

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

Top 10 Branding/Presales Mobile Marketing Strategies

In this Chapter

  • The first Top 10 list focuses on strategies that will boost your brand visibility and raise awareness of your offerings:
  1. A1. Inbound Mobile Marketing
  2. A2. Mobile Social Media Marketing
  3. A3. Mobile Niche/Community Marketing
  4. A4. Mobile Viral Marketing
  5. A5. Outbound Mobile Marketing
  6. A6. Mobile Advertising
  7. A7. Augmented Reality Marketing (including QR Code Marketing)
  8. A8. Mobile Coupon Marketing
  9. A9. Freemium Marketing, and
  10. A10. Mobile Video Marketing.

A s you can see, there is a wide range of branding/presale strategies that companies can consider. The key is determining which ones make most sense for your organization. Although these strategies tend to be use for branding and presales, they can also achieve other objectives such as moving people through the sales cycle and closing the sale. Let’s view a visual representation of all ten branding/presale options, followed by a review of each strategy in detail including a world tour of examples.

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Figure 30: Top 10 Branding/Presales Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are several effective mobile strategies you can consider to brand your offerings and company, as well as move people through the sales cycle.


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