A2 Mobile Social Media Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Branding/Pre-Sales Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Figure 31: Mobile Social Media Marketing

Combining social media with mobile marketing is like social media marketing on steroids – a very potent combination.

The year was 2009 and my daughter and I were driving home one evening. Unfortunately, I ran out of gas on the highway. My 11‑year old daughter was shocked to learn that our only (low‑cost) recourse was grabbing the gas can from the trunk and walking to the nearest gas station. She promptly posted a comment on Facebook with her iPhone, something to the effect that her dad was a loser.

Well, by the time we reached the gas station fifteen minutes later, she already had 17 likes on Facebook! In that moment, I was begrudgingly struck by the amazing power at our fingertips when combining mobile with social media. This changes everything.

Social media participation has skyrocketed in countries around the world and much of that is occurring on mobile.

  • Facebook has surpassed one billion users.[i]
  • Users spend over 12 billion hours per month on the site.
  • Over half a billion people are using Facebook from their mobile devices monthly.[ii]
  • Mobile users already account for 45 percent of Facebook traffic.[iii]
  • Over 140 million active Twitter users send over a billion tweets every three days.[iv]
  • Mobile users already account for 55 percent of Twitter traffic.[v]
  • People watch four billion videos per day on YouTube.
  • YouTube gets over 200 million video views from mobile devices daily.[vi
  • LinkedIn has over 190 million users.[vii]
  • LinkedIn mobile page views are up over 400 percent.[viii]
  • Qzone, China’s biggest social media site has over a half billion members that have uploaded 150 billion photos – “enough to encircle the earth and the moon 30 times if printed out”.[ix]
  • China’s QQ instant messaging service has over 700 million users.[x]
  • In Canada, 18 to 34‑year‑olds spend the equivalent of one month per year on social networks.[xi]
  • About half of these mobile users access social media sites daily from their smartphones.[xii]

We live in a social media intensive world and smartphones are fast becoming the doorway to that world.


Facebook is a potent branding tool that can no longer be ignored. People are now spending more than twice as much time on Facebook as on Yahoo! and the AOL Media Network; and more than three times as much time as on Google, MSN/WindowsLive/Bing or YouTube.[xiii]

One of the biggest focus areas to date in Facebook marketing is the creation of fan pages. Coca‑Cola became the first retail brand to surpass 50 million fans.[xiv] But an interesting aspect of fan page marketing is often ignored. Rather than simply focusing on marketing to fans, companies should focus on marketing to fans’ friends. Starbucks now has over 31 million fans, but the friends of those fans total more than 700 million. Therefore, through interactions such as fan check‑ins, the Starbucks brand becomes visible to friends of fans.[xv]


Facebook Likes: Another simple measure of branding visibility is the number of Facebook likes you can attain.

There’s no shortage of creative ways to get Facebook likes both online and in the real world. A Singapore TV channel has a reality show about customer service in restaurants. They set up a Tip Machine with 10,000 one‑dollar coins that people can release by providing a Facebook like. Coins released travel down a fun-to-watch path and the restaurant with the most tips wins the cash. Tippers get a chance to win a trip to Bangkok on the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express train service and the TV station gets significant social media exposure on Facebook.[xvii]

Visa found an interesting approach to engage fans during the 2012 London Olympics. Visa’s Facebook campaign generated 28 million cheers from Olympics’ fans around the world wanting to inspire their favorite athletes. This resulted in great brand exposure for Visa.[xviii]

Social media sites like Facebook can be used to engage customers directly in decisions about a particular product or service. Mattel even asked Facebook users to vote on whether Barbie and Ken should get back together after a seven-year split from each other. Fans could place their votes on Ken or Barbie’s Facebook pages or at BarbieAndKen.com. Furthermore, all of this media hype was timed to occur by Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011. The good news for fans is that the iconic couple got back together.[xix]

QR SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENTWatch the Video: Social Media Engagement Innovation – Mattel: Mattel used a social media strategy to generate buzz for its Barbie and Ken dolls.[xx] <goo.gl/H44xE> (Duration: one minute)

QR FB VIDEOSWatch the Videos: Facebook Marketing Tutorials: Facebook’s official site with several tutorials and webinars about how to market on Facebook.[xxi] <goo.gl/tFom8> (Durations vary)

USHUAIA HOTL QRWatch the Video: RFID/Facebook Marketing Innovation – Ushuaia Hotel: Ushuaia Hotel provides RFID wristbands to guests to enable them to automatically post photos or likes to their Facebook profile – a powerful social media marketing strategy.[xxii] <goo.gl/PudtS> (Duration: three minutes)

Facebook Analytics

ComScore has teamed up with Facebook to provide an analytical tool called Social Essentials which can analyze and quantify the marketing impact of your social media marketing activities.[xxiii] It is important to use analytics to understand your audience demographics, brand engagement, propensity to buy, purchasing frequency, reach and frequency of your marketing messages, etc.

Other Social Media Sites

Although Facebook is by far the most popular social media site, marketers cannot ignore Pinterest which is currently the fastest growing site with year-over-year growth of more than 4,000 percent.[xxiv] One reason for this growth is Pinterest’s focus on sharing content via mobile devices. Pinterest enables retailers to display product photos and Pinterest users can pin photos to create photo collections, potentially leading to brand exposure and viral marketing success.

A similar strategy can be implemented on Instagram, another fast growing mobile photo-sharing app. Those targeting a more technical audience may also want to consider Google+.

QR PINTEREST GUIDEWatch the Video: Pinterest Social Media Marketing: Pinterest can be used to augment your social media marketing strategy.[xxv] <goo.gl/z9Bca> (Duration: three minutes)

Social Media and QR Code Marketing Integration

Now imagine integrating social media marketing with QR code marketing. Glamour magazine ran a mobile barcode campaign with an integrated social media component that resulted in over half a million QR code scans. Readers were encouraged to scan QR codes that would automatically generate a Facebook like for various companies.

By liking the Gap, readers were rewarded with 40 percent off any regularly priced item. This resulted in the Gap and other advertisers generating 50,000 more followers. But an even bigger impact may be in reaching friends of friends. Almost one‑fifth of those that participated shared the deals with their friends.[xxvi]

Integration between a mobile strategy and social media strategy is critical for many different kinds of organizations, especially those in the B2C space. Bully Boy Distillers created an interesting mobile campaign and linked it to social media as well as physical locations. Clues for a private event invitation were placed on Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. Thousands of QR codes were also placed on coasters in several bars and restaurants in Boston to link to event details on Facebook and a microsite.[xxvii]

Rewards as Incentives

Consumers seem to be more willing to make a visible social media connection with a brand when there is a reward involved. As an incentive for customers to engage with the Red Bull brand on various social media sites, it offered a free four‑pack of its energy drink. This achieved significant brand exposure for Red Bull.[xxviii]

The Melting Pot restaurant encouraged customers to take photos of their favorite meals and post them to social media sites to win prizes. The Melting Pot achieved its goals of raising brand awareness and driving more foot traffic to its restaurants.[xxix]

Marketers should consider how every mobile transaction can generate social media awareness and conversely how social media awareness could lead to a mobile transaction. This is especially true for luxury brands, since over 80 percent of consumers want to engage with these brands via mobile and social channels; consumers are open to showing an affiliation with luxury brands.[xxx]

Mobile Social Media Marketing Best Practices

  •       Consider how every one of your mobile marketing campaigns could have a social media spin.
  •       Encourage social media interactions by offering single click social media options such as liking you on Facebook, automatically generating a tweet, automatically pinning a photo on Pinterest, etc.
  •       Sign up for a Facebook business account to market and brand your offerings on Facebook.[xxxi]
  •       Sign up for and exploit other popular social media sites being used by your target market in your country.[xxxii]
  •       Specific tactics can double your social media interaction and response rates.
  • Post on weekday evenings (not Wednesdays) or weekends rather than during week days. This is dependent on the product; Thursday is best for clothing while Monday is best for general retail products.
  • Do not post content more than once or twice per day.
  • Use emoticons such as :D and :P.
  • Post photos, not videos or links to other content.
    • Encourage visitor interaction and engagement by challenging visitors to:
    • Think of a caption for your photo
    • Fill in the blank
    • Answer Yes/No or True/False questions
    • Like or share your post, and
    • Answer a question posed at the end of your post.[xxxiii]

Challenge Questions

Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategies: What social media sites are used by your target market? How could you integrate your mobile marketing and social media marketing strategies to achieve specific and measurable results?

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