B4 Mobile Clicks and Bricks Marketing

Part of a series of Top 10 Closing the Sale Mobile Marketing Strategies

Online and Offline Mobile Strategy Integration

Clicks and Bricks Marketing strategies that integrate the online and physical worlds can provide compelling benefits to both companies and consumers. A simple example is an online store that provides the added convenience of a product pickup or return at a physical store or warehouse location.[i] This alternative could be enough to build stronger customer relationships compared to competitors that may not provide this option.

A good clicks and bricks mobile marketing campaign will have a strong synergy between the essence of the physical campaign and the type of product being promoted. For example, Korbel Champagne Cellers in California promoted its sparkling wine during a New Year’s Eve multichannel promotion that involved a real‑world event attracting 30,000 people, TV advertisements and a mobile promotion.

The mobile campaign resulted in over 1,500 texts being sent, with visibility for Korbel’s brand.[ii] Korbel capitalized on the fact that most people have their mobile devices at a real‑world event. They engaged revelers with a platform to share photos and texts, and enticed party-goers to participate in a contest for a trip to the Korbel winery in California. There is an obvious close connection between sparkling wine and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

An effective clicks and bricks marketing strategy will use analytics to measure every step of the customer’s journey. For example, companies can measure the number of click-to-call and click-to-map query volumes as a measure of potential future store visits and resultant commerce success.


Figure 45: Futuristic Clicks and Bricks/Social Media Integration

Brazil retailer S&A has taken an even more interesting approach to integrate online and offline worlds. They actually have electronic clothes hangers in their retail stores that indicate the number of times that particular item has been liked on Facebook.[iii]

QR SEARSWatch the Video: Clicks and Bricks Marketing – Sears: Several retailers such as Sears have implemented a Clicks and Bricks strategy.[iv] <goo.gl/ECUvU> (Duration: one minute)

Challenge Question

Clicks and Bricks Marketing Strategies: Does a clicks and bricks marketing strategy make sense for your organization, and if so, how could you implement it?

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