Position Yourself for Mobile Success

The Mobile Marketing Hype Cycle

As with any new technology, we are probably approaching the peak of inflated expectations for mobile marketing. But after discovering all the reasons that things do not work as smoothly as we hoped (the trough of disillusionment), we should end up reaching some type of plateau of productivity with mobile marketing. The key is not over promising results today until the shortcomings of various approaches are discovered, and then building your strategy one success at a time.[i]

Eliminating Mobile Marketing Myopia

To flourish in this new mobile world we must first eliminate mobile marketing myopia. This is an affliction for many first-time marketers dipping their toes into mobile waters. Mobile marketing neophytes often hastily focus singularly on how this new environment can be used for generating sales. But if the much broader development/sales/support cycle is considered, then many other corporate objectives could be achieved through your mobile business strategies.

For example, some organizations are using mobile technologies as a simple market research and events tool. Technologies exist to enable a speaker to poll an audience, get audience members to vote and instantly show the polling results. This system could even be used to poll employees in different cities on a teleconference call, get their input and instantly tally the anonymous feedback.[ii]

POSITION URSELF FOR MOBILE SUCCESSWatch the Video: Smartphone app and SMS text-based response systems can instantly enable organizations to get feedback from customers, prospects and employees.[iii] <goo.gl/NN7B1> (Duration: two minutes)

Eliminating Mobile Marketing Myopia and focusing on the bigger picture could help organizations generate a larger ROI. Consider focusing more on product/service development, supporting clients, branding and/or moving prospects through the sales cycle.

For example, big box craft retailer Michaels launched a mobile app that meets a number of objectives:

*  Drive store traffic – Mobile coupons, weekly flyers, store locator and store events

*  Move people through the sales cycle – Demonstration videos to inspire customers with ideas

*  Cross sell – Show related items

*  Social media marketing – Sharing via Facebook and Twitter, and

*  Customer service – Mobile barcode scanning to enable customers to create shopping lists.[iv]

Notice that conducting mobile commerce transactions does not appear on this list, but Michaels is achieving a number of other key business objectives with its mobile marketing strategy.

End Notes


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