About the Book – DESTINATION INNOVATION: Creative Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies

Why should I buy this book and what benefits will I obtain by reading it?

Destination Innovation offers hundreds of innovative ideas for building effective Mobile Marketing strategies for your organization. A world tour of effective Mobile Marketing case studies from around the globe will be the guide to move your business forward. You will learn about innovative public and private sector examples across several industries – successful Mobile Marketing and Mobile Business strategies in action.

Destination Innovation does not stop at high-level strategies. It presents you with key frameworks and critical toolkits to help you formulate your own successful and innovative Mobile Marketing and Mobile Business plans. It provides you with the extensive knowledge you will need to prioritize, plan and execute your strategy.

Destination Innovation will challenge you to address business needs, solve problems and tackle unfulfilled customer needs using progressive and sometimes revolutionary tactics. Familiarize yourself with integrated mobile technologies to help you improve customer service levels or develop entirely new business models. Learn about innovations from large and small organizations from around the world that will fascinate you. Participate and engage as a pioneer in one of the foremost transformations that the world has experienced since the advent of the web/Internet decades ago.

Destination Innovation will provide you with access to videos, a world tour of success story examples, frameworks and toolkits, detailed worksheets and pointers to hundreds of in-depth articles as described in the next section.

What free resources does this book provide?

  1. Videos: Destination Innovation features over 125 powerful video examples of exceptional mobile marketing strategies that will augment your learning experience. Simply scan a QR code (Quick Response code) in the book with your smartphone for easy and instant access to each video. For those without a smartphone, short URLs are also provided for quick access on your computer.
  2. Success Story World Tour: Destination Innovation featureshundreds of successful mobile marketing tactics and campaigns from over 20 countries.
  3. Frameworks and Toolkits: Methodical guidelines will help you plan, prioritize and execute your own successful and innovative mobile marketing and/or mobile business plans.
  4. Worksheets: Several appendices with worksheets will guide you in crafting your own business model and mobile marketing strategies. These worksheets are freely downloadable in Word or PowerPoint format and will help you create business strategies, mobile strategies and marketing presentations for your own organization.[i]
  5. Comprehensive Articles: Destination Innovation contains over 600 footnotes that link to hundreds of articles that cover each of the book’s topics and case studies in greater depth. Don’t worry; I’m not expecting you to read all of this content. But for specific mobile marketing strategies that apply to your organization, I encourage you to take a closer look at the related articles. To provide you with easy access to all these resources, I will post all footnote and end note links at DestinationInnovation.com.

Who should read this book?

Anyone interested in capitalizing on Mobile Social Media to help meet both short and long term corporate objectives will benefit from this book, specifically:

*  Executives, managers and employees of large corporations

*  Owners, managers and employees of small businesses

*  Marketing managers and specialists focused on building a mobile marketing plan

*  Industry experts in industries being transformed by mobile

*  Entrepreneurs, and

*  University instructors and students seeking insight into innovative marketing, social media and business model innovation strategies.

Destination Innovation will be of particular interest to those responsible for mobile marketing, mobile commerce, social media, innovation and communications strategy and implementation. Anyone with the responsibility to meet business objectives through innovation (e.g., corporate innovation teams) can capitalize on the ideas and strategies in this book.

Technology changes so fast – won’t this book quickly become obsolete?

This is a valid concern that many people have. My first book, Strategic Internet Marketing[ii] (published in 1996), contains many relevant concepts that still apply; while some have been superseded by the introduction of new marketing strategies that have evolved since then. A key point to consider with this book, Destination Innovation, is that it is being published on-demand, which means I can update it any time and simply upload the new version to the publishing platform. This provides a great advantage to readers – always getting the most up-to-date information on this topic. (In fact, if you take a look at the copyright page at the beginning of this book, you will likely notice a very current publishing date.)

This book is not about hyping the latest marketing fad; it has timeless comprehensive frameworks which allow you to focus on areas that are important to your organization’s current objectives. That may mean a focus on certain aspects of the frameworks now, but on very different aspects years from now. After purchasing this book, you can also connect with me and other readers of the book on social media sites to discuss the most recent mobile marketing trends.

How can this book help me achieve business results?

Destination Innovation embraces a methodical approach for achieving business results by helping you to:

*  Prioritize the needs of several of your stakeholder groups including customers, prospects and employees.

*  Prioritize your B2C, B2B and B2E business strategies. (B2C = Business to Consumer. B2B = Business to Business. B2E = Business to Employee)

*  Create an innovative optimized Business Model.

*  Prioritize and execute effective strategies to brand your solutions; move prospects through the sales cycle; conduct Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) transactions; and provide world-class customer support.

*  Strengthen your brand with innovative Niche Marketing, Community Marketing, Viral Marketing, Video Marketing, Advertising or Cause Marketing mobile strategies.

*  Move prospects through the sales cycle with innovative mobile Trial Marketing, Coupon Marketing, Clicks and Bricks Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, Hyperlocal Marketing, Check-in Social Media Marketing, Gamification Marketing or Augmented Merchandizing strategies.

*  Explore a wide range of mCommerce methods such as Mobile website/Mobile App transactions, Daily Deals, Gift Cards, Clicks and Bricks, In-Store Self Check-out, Employee Check-out, Click-to-Call or Tap ‘n Go mobile transactions to maximize your sales.

*  Explore advanced Customer Support strategies with loyalty rewards, installation/set-up support, technical support or powerful customer alerts.

*  Implement proactive push marketing methods with SMS text, email, app alerts or Twitter.

*  Explore Augmented Reality and QR Code Marketing strategies to achieve a wide range of business and marketing objectives.

*  Engage customers to help you improve existing products and services or build new ones.

*  Strengthen your competitive advantage by delighting your customers and answering this question for them, “What’s in it for me?”

*  Accelerate the diffusion of your innovation into the marketplace by developing your core beliefs, value propositions and case for action.

*  Deploy Mobile Social Business processes and business models to achieve corporate objectives such as increasing revenues and reducing costs.

*  Utilize a series of toolkits and scorecards to Accelerate your Mobile Business Impactsm as described in the next section.

How can this book help me create practical Mobile Social Business and Mobile Social Media Marketing strategies for my organization?

This book will provide you with the tools to create a comprehensive plan for driving innovation to meet your business objectives. For every stage of your Mobile Social Business plan, the book offers proven strategies, tactics and case study examples. Proven frameworks for achieving successful business results include:

The Toolkit – Accelerate your Mobile Business Impactsm

*  Utilize this Toolkit to create a mobile business strategy with impact.

*  The Toolkit contains four key steps: identify business and customer pain points to address; identify mobile technology enablers that can be applied to your business; determine what type of innovation you can create; and create your mobile marketing plan.

The Toolkit – Accelerate your Mobile Marketing Impactsm

*  Utilize this Toolkit to ascertain where best to focus your mobile marketing efforts.

*  The Toolkit contains 40 strategies you can select from in these categories: branding; pre-sales; moving people through the sales cycle; closing the sale; executing mobile commerce transactions; and providing customer support.

The Mandala – Accelerate your Mobile Innovation Impactsm

*  Utilize this framework to create mobile innovation strategies across several domains: Business Model Innovation, Product Innovation, Operations Innovation, Service Innovation and Business Function Innovation.

The Bullseye Business Model Scorecardsm

*  Utilize this 34-point model to evaluate your current business model.

*  Assess your organization’s readiness to implement the business model.

*  Design strategies and tactics to improve your business model effectiveness.

*  Create a new business model.

The Bullseye mCommerce Modelsm

*  Utilize this 44-point model to assess the likelihood of successfully conducting mCommerce transactions for your product or service on mobile devices.

*  Assess your corporate mCommerce readiness.

*  Design strategies and tactics to increase your mCommerce effectiveness.

The mCommerce Prismsm

*  Utilize this model to analyze different types of mobile commerce in order to assess and select the ones most appropriate for your organization.

*  Consider different modes of mCommerce including browser- or app-based transactions, Tap ’n Go transactions and proactively sending email or text messages to initiate commerce transactions.

The eBrand Strategy Pyramidsm

*  Utilize this model to develop an effective mobile branding strategy.

Does this book provide international examples of mobile marketing in advanced countries around the world?

Destination Innovation provides a world tour of case study examples from over 20 countries. It provides you with a unique international perspective, as several examples are drawn from meetings at various organizations or keynote speeches I have given in over 40 countries. I was also fortunate enough to get input on the book content from experts in several countries.

What approach does this book use to provide relevant and practical information?

This book uses these paragraph formats to highlight and enhance your learning and exploration:

Best Practices

*  This paragraph format provides a thorough checklist of recommended best practice strategies, tactics and pointers to in-depth articles for each topic.

Valuable Resources

*  This paragraph format points to a valuable resource, e-newsletter or app.


*  This paragraph format highlights a leading-edge remarkable example that you can learn from.


*  This paragraph format highlights an example of specific tactical errors that other companies have made. Sometimes we can learn the most from past mistakes rather than just focusing on successes.


*  This paragraph format highlights a list of tips you can consider.

Watch the Video

*  This paragraph format has a QR code (Quick Response code) that will link to a video to bring a particular concept to life. If your smartphone does not have a QR code app, go to the app store for your phone to download a QR code reader[iii] for Android (Google Play),[iv] Blackberry[v] or iPhone.[vi]

*  Video links throughout the book add to your learning experience and help you understand each concept better than any written commentary I could share.

*  These videos are particularly effective at demonstrating or describing how a particular mobile marketing strategy can be applied, and several outline specific advantages and disadvantages for customers and/or companies.

*  As a courtesy, the approximate duration of each video is indicated so you can plan your time accordingly.

*  Note: Several videos are from companies trying to offer, endorse or sell a particular product or service, and as such, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse or recommend any of the offerings being mentioned. The content is included in the book merely for conceptual analysis and education.

Challenge Questions

*  This paragraph format can be found at the end of most chapters and sections.

*  Challenge questions are posed for you to consider when creating your organization’s Mobile Social Business or Mobile Social Marketing strategy.

How can this book help me succeed?

Destination Innovation is designed as a lateral thinking tool. The ideas, concepts and strategies found within each chapter will allow you to create a formula that works for you and your company, in your industry environment. This book will trigger many ideas, strategies and tactics that you can start implementing today.

Providing this book to all of your team members is an ideal way to give everyone a common understanding of how to create your corporate mobile marketing strategy. Once all team members have read the book, ask each person to contribute 20 innovative marketing ideas. Follow that up with a day-long planning session to discuss those ideas and determine the best path forward. Let me know how it goes.

Can I contribute to future versions of this book?

Yes. If you would like to contribute to the next version of this book, you are welcome to do so. Contribute to the ever-evolving copy of Destination Innovation simply by sending me an email. You can make a correction, a suggestion, or even add examples of your organization’s mobile social media strategies and successes. Take it one step further and provide a case study example of how you applied the toolkits in this book to build your own innovation strategy. I would love to hear from you.

How can I connect with the author?

Email: TomVassos@yahoo.ca

Web: http://www.DestinationInnovation.com

Connect with the author on LinkedIn: ca.LinkedIn.com/in/vassos

Connect with the author on Facebook: Facebook.com/DestinationInnovation

Follow the author live on Twitter: Twitter.com/TomVassos or @TomVassos

I hope we can connect in the social media world or meet in person soon.

Best of luck with your mobile marketing efforts!

Watch the Video: A welcome message and book overview from the author, Tom Vassos: http://goo.gl/UavcE (Duration: four minutes).

[ii] Vassos, Tom. Strategic Internet Marketing, MacMillan Publishing, 1996.

[iii] “QR code reader downloads – Free software downloads and software reviews – CNET.” Free software downloads and software reviews – CNET Download.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. <http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?query=QR+code+reader&platformSelect=Mobile&tag=srch&searchtype=downloads&filterName=platform%3DMobile&filter=platform%3DMobile&gt;.

[iv] Google play search. “Apps.” Android Market. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. <https://market.android.com/search?q=qr+code+scanner&so=1&c=apps&gt;.


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